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Choosing an egg donor is your individual choice, which really helps us to find good matches for you in donor bank.


This is an exciting moment. You choose to use a sperm donor to make your dream of a baby come true.


If a human being is unable to carry a pregnancy to term, gestational surrogacy may be the best option.


In the process of embryo donation, the couple will receive a non-autologous embryo. It means that the couple conceives

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Affordable Parenthood

Experience affordable and inclusive parenthood with GoKidu. Break financial barriers, access diverse donors, and join a supportive community. Your journey to building a family starts here.


Reliable and Trustworthy

Choose reliability with GoKidu, distinguishing itself from unregulated platforms. Verified donors, secure in-app transactions, and minimized uncertainties guarantee a secure experience for recipients.


Legal Guidance

Navigate the path to parenthood confidently. Access legal support and personalized agreements for a secure and reassuring journey to building your family.


Intelligent Matches, Vast Donor Pool

Explore a diverse donor pool with GoKidu, empowering recipients with personalized choices. Our cutting-edge matching technology, including preferences and resemblance filters, ensures a tailor-made and efficient experience unlike conventional banks.


Direct Donor-Recipient Communication

Experience direct communication on GoKidu, breaking free from the communication blackout in traditional banks. Forge a meaningful connection, gaining a deeper understanding of donor characteristics and vital medical history.


Commitment to Conceived Children

At GoKidu, we understand the desire for connection. That's why we encourage our donors to establish consensual relationships with their biological children, fostering a sense of belonging and understanding.



At GoKidu, we aspire to create a world where parenthood is universally accessible, boundless, and simple.Our vision is a user-friendly platform that makes starting a family affordable, secure, and filled with endless possibilities.


Our values

We celebrate diversity and ensure our platform is a safe space foreveryone, regardless of background or circumstance.Innovation we leverage the latest technology to provide solutions that are not just effective but transformative.



Our mission is to revolutionize parenthood through user-friendly technology, affordability, and unwavering ethical standards. At GoKidu, we connect individuals with simple, safe, and reliable reproductive solutions, fostering a global community that embraces diversity and supports every unique journey to make the joy of parenthood accessible for all.


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Our story is one of passion, innovation, and the unwavering belief that everyone deserves a chance to start a family

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Where Parenthood Knows No Boundaries and Affordability Meets Reliability.

Whether you're a dreamer, a donor, or someone seeking to start a family, GoKidu is your partner in this incredible journey. Embrace parenthood without limits, where inclusivity, innovation, and affordability converge to redefine the possibilities of starting a family. Welcome to GoKidu - where every connection is a step towards unlocking the beautiful, affordable, and legally informed path to parenthood.

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Where parenthood knows no boundaries and affordability meets reliability.

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